Why iPhone probability is almost zero by a virus attack ?

Code of self- replication and spread of infection , is the most important feature of the virus. Almost all modern operating systems , the characteristics of the virus are carried out from the source control , so the virus is almost extinct in modern computers ( including mobile tablet ) , for the vast majority of today’s systems (including Windows) , the invasion by viruses are close to zero probability .

So whether it is iOS system , Android system, or Windows systems, they are subject to the probability of virus attacks are close to zero. For the vast majority of anti-virus software system simply unnecessary , the virus is not the invasion of modern computers ( including mobile tablet ) is the culprit. However, while all systems are unlikely virus , this does not mean that the system is safe , because there may be malicious software systems. Compared malware virus , the less self-replicating properties and characteristics of sexually transmitted infections . In other words , the mere presence of malware on its source , can not replicate themselves , they can not infect your normal software , as long as there is no download, no run , malware does not exist . However, because it is not self-replicate spread , making malware software is closer to normal , more difficult to determine than the virus , even in some cases only manually judgment. Although most people do not need anti-virus software, but there may be need security software.

Various rumors about Apple’s market has been circulating rumors about Apple’s new products, they emerge in the near future, but that new products than Apple TV, but a cheap version of the iPhone called “iPhone mini”.

According to the media reports said, Strategy Analytics and Jefferies analysts suspect that Apple is developing a low-cost version of the iPhone. If so, Apple can rely on this product to enter the low-end smart phone market. This practice practice launch iPad mini iPad success is the same.

Apple iPhone smartphone is already firmly in control of the high-end smart phone market, but in the low-end market segment, Samsung’s market share is higher. If Apple introduced a cheaper price iPhone iOS can be provided to more consumers.

But doing so also has some disadvantages. Certainly help promote low-cost version of the iPhone iOS, but also damage to Apple’s profit margins and reduce the number of potential users of the standard version of the iPhone.

But from the situation after the release of the iPad mini, Apple iPad mini for more market share, or greater than the losses. Samsung and Android in the smartphone market share every year increments, if Apple wants to keep its attention smartphone share, it needs to keep more people to use its products.

IPod products, Apple has taken a wide range of strategies. Start it only launched a iPod, the product upgrade process is very similar to the iPhone. Its highest market share limit, Apple introduced the iPod shuffle and iPod nano to attract non-traditional users.

Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mau Basten the (Neil Mawston) is expected, iPhone mini may have to wait until 2014 before the listing, the iPhone 5 sales market is also premature to launch a low-end consumer products will dilute iPhone 5 freshness and desire to purchase.

As for the iPhone series, the industry is expected Apple will launch a new model at least this year, may not necessarily is the iPhone, the iPhone 5S possibility of more. However, regardless of the product name is what will be the 7th generation iPhone Apple.

Tencent digital hearing(Light blue) Apple’s next-generation iPhone a variety of rumors has always been a hot topic, especially with larger touch screen is of concern. Although the past has long been circulating that Apple will use a 4.0-inch touch screen on the next generation iPhone, but this time the overseas media the 9to5mac to bring the news a little different. In accordance with the message of their master, in the next generation of Apple testing iPhone prototypes, not only will use the touch screen of 3.95 inches size, and resolution will be upgraded to a 640 × 1136 pixels.

3.95-inch touch screen

According to overseas media 9to5mac say, the Apple headquarters in California, testing a variety of different models of next-generation iPhone prototype. These prototypes were wrapped up so as not to divulge the design and tested by a dedicated Apple employees. View from the current understanding of the message, at least iPhone5, 1 and iPhone5 2 two prototype is 3.95 inches touch screen, their internal code N41AP (5,1) and N42AP (5,2 ), currently in pre PreEVT engineering test, usually limited to internal testing, does not mean that will be officially released.

However, the really attractive or the 3.95-inch touch screen is not a simple scaling. Supported by 640 x 1136 pixel resolution, we can easily find in the 640 pixels of width part to maintain the original level, which is about 1.94 inches, 1136 pixels in the high part of the support will increase to 3.45 inches. In other words, the proportion of the next generation of the iPhone touch screen is no longer 3:2 of the past, but is closer to 16:9.

Five application icons

Enhance the resolution of the touch screen is not only a clearer display, and Apple will take full advantage of the characteristics of these pixels, for example, Apple is developing iOS system version will display this screen and the new specifications to make arrangements to get the main interface can display five icons, not only than the iPhone now displays a row of application icons, and other program interface can also display more content.

In addition, the next-generation iPhone prototype is currently being tested, they are the home button and dock connector will be smaller. Apple iOS device using such a small base interface, but the shape of the interface was not previously rumored appearance, but with the current compared to the narrow size range of micro-USB and mini-USB interface between.

The appearance of yet to be determined

As multiple versions of the test machine, the appearance of the next generation of the iPhone has not yet been finalized, such as whether to use a liquid metal like material not identified. However, there is news that the appearance of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, compared to the present iPhone4S look longer and thinner. This seems to be some similarity to the latest rumors outflow, and at least can be determined using a smaller base interface.

In addition, according to the statement of Apple products, professional blog iLounge, Apple iPhone, the back cover there will be major changes, not only flat design will be used instead of the arc-shaped, and material the use of metal rather than ceramic, similar to Apple’s current design of the iMac.

More to look forward to, The 9to5mac of the new specification of the broke the news of the next generation of iPhone touch screen claimed, they will in the future, more broke, friends who are interested may wish to wait and see.

Wedge-shaped body

The designer Ben Miller does not own Apple iPhone5 concept of design in a more detailed introduction, such as the overall style of the aircraft with the previous generations of iPhone are basically consistent, but the body is slimmer than in the past, and pull Long Home button gives a different feeling.

The debut of Apple iPhone5 in terms of body size than in the past wide a few millimeters, but thanks to the narrow processing, so the increase in touch screen size, the length of its body seems they show a slight short some. In addition, it is not only thinner than in the past, and the side of the fuselage using a wedge-shaped design gradually thinning from the top of the fuselage in the end the Ministry. Among them, the thickest part of the 6.86 mm compared to 5.33 mm in the bottom of the thinnest part.

4.0 inches touch screen

In the hardware configuration, the new generation the iPhone5 also have a more significant improvements. For instance, the opportunity similar to the Apple iPad 2 dual-core processors for better performance, better gaming experience, as well as significantly improved graphics performance. And 1GB of RAM with the latest iOS system, you can bring a more fluid handling experience.

Upgrade to Apple’s iPhone will also touch screen size 4.0 inches, and built-in camera to reach eight million pixel level, its built-in back-illuminated sensor in low light conditions, there will be a stunning performance, and camera functions aspects will increase to such features such as the panoramic camera.

Two new features

IPhone5 Apple will upgrade hardware configuration in order to bring more intelligent and more user-friendly features, such as the new “Personal Assistant (Assistant)” function, the phone through voice commands to accomplish the task, such as sending SMS, set up an appointment content, set the navigation way, and so on.

In addition,Apple iPhone 5 also offers a unique voice conversion function, that is, the so-called “spelling” function. The user clicks on the microphone icon in the text box on the keyboard, and then speak into the phone, then the words will be directly converted into text.

Shell appearance inventory system

It is worth mentioning that the exclusive news of overseas technology blog BGR disclosure Apple’s iPhne5 Mobile Shell has emerged among U.S. carriers AT & T’s inventory system. In the middle of this month, called the Case-Mate manufacturers have released a new style Apple iPhone smartphone case, and allegedly the Apple insiders confirmed.

In accordance with the anonymous Apple people say, the Apple iPhone release date distance only “several weeks” and the new iPhone smartphone does, such as earlier rumors put it, the body of a slim and aluminum The quality of the fuselage.

Overall, the main features of the new generation of iPhone will include a slim body, built-A5 dual-core processor, with 1GB of memory, with 8 million pixel camera, and an increase of the “personal assistant” and dictation feature As for Apple ready then will launch two new iPhone, new generation of iPhone will be built-in NFC chip, etc., or we wait until October 4 Apple reveal the answer.

Tencent digital hearing(Blue)HTCIn CES2012 International Consumer Electronics Show announcedHTC Titan II

Can be described as sensational, it is not only equipped with a 4.7-inch touch screen and support for 4G network capabilities, and built-in camera’s specifications is to reach 16 million pixels, this high-standard luxury features naturally to many people photo proofs of the effect of the machine is full of expectations. So HTC Titan II how effective the camera, or let us through overseas media release Secret of the proofs it for you.


Proofs for the first time exposure

HTC Titan II, although not the first level with a million-pixel camera phone, Windows Phone system, but may be by far the highest pixel camera smart phone. The loading machine 16-megapixel camera, using a back-illuminated sensor, the lens focal length was 28 mm wide angle, fixed iris f2.6, auto focus, image stabilization, dual LED flash, red-eye reduction, and 720p video recording capabilities, and with a dedicated shutter button on the case, also added auto-convergence, such as multiple photos of the panorama mode and other new features.

From the exposure of the sample, although the upscaling to the highest in history, but its image quality does not seem to many special places, especially in the handling of white balance with the previous models did not feel much difference. In addition, although the machine high pixel camera, but the compressed JPEG format is generally the size of the original film is about 4-5MB, which is stored on the HTC Titan II will not bring much pressure.

Zero delay start taking pictures

In fact, for many die-hard fans, HTC, HTC Titan II stage although a new name, but in fact the machine several times in the past have been exposed, and its initialHTC BressonThe name appears in the “Bresson” the name of the phone is also fully embodies the main camera position.

It is worth mentioning that a simple test from the perspective of overseas media, HTC Titan II video response to speed quickly, almost the same with the GALAXY Nexus to achieve a “zero delay” standard. The proofs than people expected performance analysis of the foreign media PCMAG think this may be because the camera to take pictures too fast, the focus has not had time to complete the image immediately caused. So if you want to improve the picture quality, the user may wish to wait a second or two to make another, there may be a different performance.

4.7 inches touch screen

HTC Titan II and other features are also well equipped with 4.7-inch WVGA resolution Super LCD capacitive touch screen, handheld near-owned theater version of the display, especially for those who like to surf the Web or watch videos of users . Also, the machine has built-in 1.5GHz high-passSnapdragon S2 processor with 512MB of RAM and 16GB ROM capacity, and is HTC’s first LTE 4G functionality with the Windows Phone system phones, the have the LTE 4G network technology can bring smoother web surfing, multimedia downloads and video calls and other functions.

10 mm thin body

HTC Titan II system version will be equipped with Mango, will bring more of its features is the integration of services, and in addition to multimedia and game improvement features such as Xbox LIVE addition, Mango system will also add real-time for the built-in map navigation, and to provide support Bing Audio / Video and other new features. The phone’s other features include GPS navigation, WCDMA / HSDPA network, Wi-Fi wireless Internet access and Bluetooth and memory expansion capabilities.

The official announcement from HTC detailed technical specifications point of view, HTC Titan II’s body is only 10 millimeters thick, and in addition a 1.3 megapixel front camera, but also when equipped with a 1730 mA battery.

According to the official arrangements, HTC Titan II will be officially in the next few months the U.S. market, it is unclear how specific the contract price..

Tencent digital hearing(Blue) althoughMeizu MXThe release attracted a lot of the limelight away, butMillet phone

Own way to re-attract people’s attention. In addition to increased shipments and develop new channels initiatives, high-profile system for Android4.0 beta, naturally, as the machine brought a lot of attention and popularity. News release in accordance with the internal disclosure of millet, they will in the near future will open up some millet testing of mobile phone users. If nothing else, millet is the first phone to support Android 4.0 really made models.


Test Pattern exposure

In order to reflect not the campaign trail, millet also released a lot of the real machine measured the real machine image. These millet picture on the phone, we can easily find the latest beta version 4.0.1, kernel version 3.0.8, not 2.6.x kernel sets ICS theme. While the actual test, the current beta version of the ROM has not much defects and BUG, ​​the basic functions can be used normally, while other details will also be tested with the optimized and improved gradually.

As people are more concerned about the issue when the official update, millet internal disclosure of information will open up some millet recent phone user testing. Therefore, if everything proceeded relatively smoothly, then the millet will be the first phone to support Android 4.0 system really made models.

December 18, open to buy

Perhaps due to short supply and production capacity of reason, millet phone has been giving “on one.” Impression. However, as the millet production and sales channels to enhance the gradual resolution of the problem, the machine shipments has grown from 8,000 the previous day increased to 15,000 per day. The book until the time of the first 30 million units shipped after the user will be in the December 18 sale for all users.

It is reported that millet has established mobile phone in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and other cities in the millet of seven service stations. Users can make phone from home millet mention and maintenance. Future mobile phones will be in more cities millet millet set up home.

Or replacement of foundry

As the Executive Director and Chief Executive Foxconn has Terry Cheng, president visited millet company, Terry Cheng, and rumors will train employees on Foxconn millet mobile phone manufacturing experience. Therefore, along with the industry have speculated millet phone shipments continued to increase, the company will replace the millet foundries.

The sources of information from the display, millet phone plan prior to February 2012 sales of more than 600,000 mobile phones, it seems that the signs are displayed as Foxconn, the world’s first foundries natural as the possibility of millet phone will be very large.

Meizu’s main rival, MX

If there is no millet phones, Meizu MX may be more welcome, so that competition between natural enemies and the contest is naturally inevitable. Obviously, Meizu MX hardware configuration in the main to occupy certain advantages, but the price is expensive for almost a thousand dollars, so it should belong to two different grades of the model.

However, Meizu MX is not perfect, it is not only equipped with a smaller battery capacity meter phone is smaller, but can not seem to be replaced with a design, the actual performance of its future seems to be optimistic.

While millet phone system on a higher degree of openness, an even greater degree of freedom to the user. The upgrade Android4.0 systems such as millet phone will have the edge.

OnlyMeizuIn the after-sales service, we have the support of the store, so the relative experience and after-sales service is better. In any case, Meizu MX and millet are the domestic mobile phone in the crowd, they appear to provide consumers with the addition of foreign brands more affordable option than phone.

Tencent digital hearing Apple iPhone 4S since its inception has caused panic buying in the world, especially in Port-line version of the machine is highly sought after, not only pre-order is very hot, but today (November 11) is once again the official sale caused numerous fans crazy lining up to buy. It is reported thatApple iPhone4S-line version in Hong Kong was at 0:00 on November 11 the first sale by the Hong Kong operator, andAppleFlagship store in November 11 7:00 am launch.

Seven on sale today

The AppleiPhone4S-line version will be in Hong Kong today (November 11) morning and seven in the IFC Central, Hong Kong officially started selling Apple’s flagship store, while the aircraft will be other retail stores in Hong Kong today will be released. As the Hong Kong version of the line has a relatively low price, so to the field can earn more profits, so Hong Kong’s “party line” already gearing up, in addition to Central IFC lining up to buy Apple’s flagship store in the crowd outside overnight, Ultimate in Central has started to line up long queues.

According to the Hong Kong media reports, lining up to buy, mainly from South Asia and mainland China, such as IFC, Central, Hong Kong, Apple’s flagship store are top-ranking Philippine and South Asia by the people, and in the Ultimate line up of top five Central consumers from the mainland, we can see that Apple iPhone4S demand in these two places is very high.

Lowest price 4100 yuan

Currently, Apple iPhone4S three capacity versions of the Hong Kong Bank (16GB/32GB/64GB) the target price for the 5088,5888 and 6688 Hong Kong dollars, respectively, were equivalent to 4161 yuan, 4815 yuan and 5469 yuan.

In addition to Apple iPhone4S today (November 11) on sale in Hong Kong beyond, including Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal and Romania and other countries will be synchronized on sale. Among them, Apple iPhone4S first day in Korea will be more than the target number of 20 million units, enough to see the machine in the Asian market popularity.

Operators to supply sufficient

Apple’s iPhone will be listed as each was berserk, and the emergence of the phenomenon of out of stock, so many people are worried about whether to buy in the first line version iPhone4S Hong Kong. The purchase of two compared to bare metal per person limit, signing machine operators supply is very adequate, the situation will not be out of stock.

According to media reports in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong-line version of the Apple iPhone 4S available to the operator’s supply seems quite adequate, including SmarTone, 3HK, One2free some stores even without an appointment on the spot purchase contract machine.

In addition, Hong Kong’s Fortress, New Vision and other Apple authorized dealer will be simultaneously available in today’s Hong Kong-line version of the iPhone 4S. It is worth mentioning that Apple iPhone4S line version of the official listing in Hong Kong also makes the aircraft parallel version of the mainland market, the price significantly reduced. Currently, the domestic business has been given a version of Apple’s Hong Kong Bank iPhone4S futures price of 5,800 yuan, compared to the original scheduled time of acceptance of price decline in nearly two hundred dollars.

OS 5.0.1 firmware version launched

Hong Kong Bank in Apple iPhone4S sale on the occasion, Apple officials also simultaneously launched the latest firmware version of the OS 5.0.1, mainly to solve the iPhone4S burst before the problem of poor battery life.

Meanwhile iOS 5.0.1 firmware version also addresses iCloud file synchronization problems disappear, and the iPad will be increased for the first generation of multi-touch gestures, allowing users to control only the different gestures can be completed, press the Home button without having to constantly .

Unfortunately, it is unclear mainland licensed version of Apple iPhone4S specific time to market and retail prices.

Tencent digital hearing(Blue)Apple iPhone4S Since its launch it has a high popularity and unparalleled attention, especially with the aircraft’s upcoming official release date, anyiPhone4S Information will be well received. Among them, the overseas media release version of the Deutsche Telekom Although Apple iPhone4S box according to disclose much information, but still attract the attention of numerous eye.

No change in the basic retail packaging

From the release version of iPhone4S box according to Deutsche Telekom, the aircraft’s retail packaging and in the past has not changed much. Back through the fuselage of the model name tag, we know that the machine code for the A1387, andApple iPhone 4The A1332 has a significant difference. So, for those not familiar with the details iPhone4S friends, it can also be seen as iPhone4 and iPhone4S phones to identify one of the main.

In addition, the retail version of the box by iPhone4S photos, we can see that Apple iPhone4S The official version is equipped with the iOS5 system, and provides the latest development of the Siri voice control, which features can and iPhone 4S by Voice control for weather, text messaging, interactive map functions. But Siri voice system currently only supports English, French and German, is not yet support the Chinese pronunciation.

Processor or down-

It is worth mentioning that, although according to the box from Germany did not provide us with more information about the retail version iPhone4S, but according to Anandtech site reports indicate thatAppleHas been used in the iPhone 4S A5 1GHz processor frequency dropped from the original 800MHz. However, the actual test results from the point of view, iPhone 4S performance is still far more than competitors.

For example, in SunSpider Javascript test, iPhone 4S rate almost double the iPhone 4. In Rightware BrowserMark tests, iPhone 4S score of 89,567 points, more than all its competitors, andSamsungGalaxy S II score of only 55 144 points. In addition, the Geekbench tests, iPhone 4S reach the speed of the iPhone 4 times.

Apple according to Anandtech’s analysis of the benefits of reducing the speed of the processor frequency is factory products will have a higher yield, while reducing the processor voltage, can bring the processor to reduce energy consumption, resulting in better battery life.

iCloud and iOS 5 to start the download

For those with other Apple product users, you can look iCloud and iOS 5 available for download news. Apple according to the exposure of internal documents show, iCloud and iOS 5 will be held October 12, local time, the United States open to the public services and downloads. Which, iCloud main features include iTunes cloud services (iTunes in the Cloud), looking for my iPhone (Find My iPhone), documents the cloud service (Documents in the Cloud), iCoud storage, photo stream (Photo Stream) and iTunes Match etc. .

The iOS5 increased by more than 200 new features, support third-or fourth-generation iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Key features include integrated notification center Message Center (Notification Center) and Twitter, improved mail and Safari browser, and PC Free wireless synchronization, and so on.

It is reported that Apple iPhone4S October in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Britain and Australia and Canada on sale in seven countries, and in two weeks, will be in Austria, Belgium, Denmark , Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland for sale in 15 countries.

Chinese companies for the design of mobile phone sets iPhone 5

Sina Technology News September 9 morning news, a Chinese company called the disclosure a mobile phone designed for the iPhone 5 sets of shows, this has not yet released products thinner than existing products, backed by a graphic design, while the side is with radians.

This new set of iPhone 5 protective cover from the Shenzhen company called L & Y’s technology companies, many design and color , which shows once again that Apple is redesigning the shape of iPhone 5.

And July this year, appeared in China’s third-party protective cover similar, L & Y’s cover shows the group protection, iPhone 5 mute switch is designed to the right side of the device. In the Apple iPhone 4 and other smart phone , the mute button above the volume buttons are located on the left.

This group also showed protective sleeve with the iPhone 5 iPad 2 will use a similar round edge design, gradually narrowing towards the bottom corner arc, and can be steadily on the table. The volume buttons are with the iPhone 3GS and similar products before, with a long strip design. The iPhone 4, Apple uses a round metal buttons, but the fourth-generation iPod Touch still use bar design.

In fact, according to this group protected set of view, iPhone 5 There are many aspects of last year’s fourth-generation iPod Touch is similar to including the volume buttons and rounded edges of the design. However, the protective sleeve at the top clearly reserved for the location of the headphone jack, mute button, but also design, present only the iPhone and iPad has two functions.

Earlier media reports said, iPhone 5 design will be very similar with iPhone 4, this group of protective sleeve also confirmed this view. In addition, the previously leaked iPhone 5 also shows a lot of parts with iPhone 4 with the same size and shape.

But there are rumors, iPhone 5 will be substantially revised, and the current leakage of these components are similar with the iPhone 4 belong to a new low-end iPhone 4, two-year contract price of only $ 49. (Book Yu)

In addition to Sina microblogging , Hong Kong officially launched Sina Technology Facebook Page, we hope this opportunity every day to a wider range of friends, first-hand Chinese digital technology news, whether it is digital technology industry or product information and rumors, We will send updated daily to ensure that we know more. Do not hurry to Facebook LIKE our special page

When people are wonderingAppleThe next generation of mobile phonesiPhone 5 will be when released, someone will envision the future of the iPhone will look like it? Recently, according to foreign media reports, Apple will likely give the patent a new iPhone next two screens.

Apple’s patent double-sided rotating screen map

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently published Apple patent map, the new patent may make the next iPhone has double-sided touch screen (Figure FIG.1). And both sides are equipped with a button with multiple functions, we see through a patent map, which features two volume control keys can be key, power button, mute button and other buttons, the second screen is used to display visual content changes, these changes turn the iPhone from the direction of the user generated by the patent, will provide users with better visual experience, which greatly enhanced the iPhone reader.

Flip iPhone can provide readers with multiple options, such as bibliography, interpretation, and other related articles

Based on current information, we can not know when Apple officially used this technology on the iPhone, but to Apple’s ability to innovate, we may not wait too long.